Adugo is a game played by the Bororo tribe in the Pantanal region of Brazil. The board is similar to the Alquerque board and may have been adopted from Spanish settlers to South America. A Jaguar (onca) is hunted by 14 dogs (cachorro). The game is often played using the pattern of the board marked on the ground.

Figure 1: Adugo board


The game of Adugo is played by two players using a board shown in Figure 1.The goal of the Jaguar is to capture at least five Dogs in order to stalemate the game; a stalemate is a win for the Jaguar. The goal of the Dogs try to surround the Jaguar and block it so it cannot move.

The game starts with the Jaguar (black) and Dogs (white) placed on the intersecting points of the board as shown in Figure 1. The players take turns starting with the Jaguar. The player may only move one piece at each turn. Pieces can only move along the lines connecting the points to an adjacent vacant point.

The Jaguar can also capture a Dog by jumping over it in a straight line onto a vacant point on the other side of the Dog. The captured Dog is removed from the board and cannot be returned to play.