Dablot Prejjesne

Dablot Prejjesne is a two player game played only by Laplanders (the Sami people) of northern Sweden. The game is also called Dablo and Dablot Prejessne means "To play Dablo on a board". The game depicts a struggle between a Lapp king, his prince and a Landlord and his son. The goal of the game is to capture all the opponent’s pieces.

Dablot Prejjesne board
Figure 1: Dablot Prejjesne board


Dablot Prejjesne is played by two players on a grid that has 72 points of intersection as shown in Figure 1. The white army consists of one Lapp king, one Lapp prince and 28 Lapp warriors. The black army has one Landlord, one Landlord’s son and 28 peasants.

All pieces move in exactly the same manner. A player may move a one piece at a time in any direction from its current position along a line on the board to another vacant point; that is orthogonally or diagonally, forwards or backwards.


A piece captures an enemy piece by jumping over it along a line onto a vacant point beyond it. The captured piece is removed from the board. Multiple captures are possible in a single turn. A player is not compelled to make a capture if one is possible. Pieces can only capture each other if they are of the same rank or lower. The Lapp king and Landlord have the highest rank, followed by the Lapp prince and Landlord’s son and then the warriors and peasants. Thus the Lapp king and the Landlord can capture each other and any other piece on the board.

The winner is the player who captures all his opponent’s pieces. A player can also win if he is able to completely surround the other player so he is unable to move.

If both players have only one piece left of equal power, either the Lapp prince and the Landlord’s son, or a Lapp warrior and a peasant, then one player may call for one-on-one combat. The opponent must accept and then both pieces must be moved in the direction of their opponent until one is captured. This rule avoids an endless and futile chase.