Ming Mang

Ming Mang is a Tibetan two player game played on boards of various sizes most commonly 8 x 8. Ming Mang may be played on a Go board. The goal of the game is to capture or block all the opponent’s pieces.

Ming Mang board
Figure 1: Ming Mang board


For the 8 x 8 game each player starts with 14 pieces placed on the board as shown in Figure 1. For other board sizes a similar starting arrangement is used. A pile of extra pieces will be needed to replace pieces captured from the opposing player.

The players take turns to move one piece orthogonally to any vacant position on the board. A piece cannot jump another piece.

Ming Mang capture
Figure 2: Ming Mang capture


A piece is captured if it is flanked by two opposing pieces along a row or column. Any number of contiguous pieces in a straight line may be captured in this manner with an opposing piece at each end as shown in Figure 2. When the capture happens all the captured pieces are replaced by pieces of the capturing player.

A player may move a piece between two opposing pieces without being captured. However, if the opposing player then moves one of the flanking pieces away in any direction, on the next move he may return to the original position and capture the piece.

Pieces at the corners of the board cannot be captured. Corners are key positions and should not be lost. A player cannot make a move that repeats a previous position.

A player wins when he has captured or blocked all of the opponent’s pieces.