Queah is a two-player game from Liberia played on a board of 13 diagonally arranged squares shown in Figure 1. The board is sometimes made of interwoven twigs. Sticks are used as the pieces, with one side having the top cut aslant for the 'men', the other having the tops cut straight for the 'women'.

Figure 1: Queah board


The goal of the game is to capture all the opponent’s pieces. Each player has ten pieces, white or black, four of which are initially placed on the board as shown in Figure 1. The remaining six pieces are kept in reserve next to the board. The players take turns to move one piece or to capture an opponent’s piece. A piece may be moved diagonally to an adjacent vacant square.

A piece may capture an opponent’s piece by jumping over it in a diagonal direction onto a vacant square immediately beyond it. Only one enemy piece can be captured per turn. A captured piece is removed from the board. If a player's piece has been captured, then the player at the beginning of their next turn must take one piece from their reserve, and place it on any vacant square. A player's number of pieces on the board must always be restored to four, unless the player has exhausted their reserve.

A player that captures all their opponent’s pieces wins the game.